Daniel Weishaar, Police Commander District 1

Daniel Weishaar, Police Commander District 1

After serving two years, the Prince George’s Police District 1 commander Robert Brewer has recently transferred to a new assignment.

Major Daniel Weishaar will be the Commander of District I. Previously her served District 6, which covers Belstville. He is more than familiar with the issue and our communities that he will serve.

Over the last two years Mr. Brewer have worked together to improve the quality of life and reduce crime within District I and we all believe our law enforcement departments have successfully completed both objectives together.

District 1 encompasses a 36 square mile area making it the second smallest patrol area in the County. The population within District 1 is in excess of 215,000 making it the most densely populated patrol district as it contains almost 25% of the county’s 863,500 residents. District 1 is also the most diverse patrol District 1n the county with residents from dozens of nations. Within District 1 there are 16 municipal governments and 14 of them have their own police departments.

In addition to College Park, municipalities within District 1 include: Bladensburg, Berwyn Heights, Cottage City, Colmar Manor, Brentwood, North Brentwood, Mount Rainier, Greenbelt, Greenbelt, Cheverly, Riverdale Park, University Park, New Carrollton, Edmonston, and Hyattsville. Also within the Borders of District 1 is the Flagship University for the State of Maryland.

The University of Maryland, College Park, brings in excess of 26,000 additional residents to District 1 for 8 months of the year.