As the tree work continues at the College Park Airport, the Tree and Landscape Board (TLB) Has requested the City Council to schedule a follow up meeting with Airport representatives including Mr. Lee Sommer, Manager of the College Park Airport, and Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NPPC), to provide an update regarding the work in progress and discuss the strategy to replace trees on the land within the City of College Park.

Of particular concern is the number of trees being removed appears to be far in excess of the number that was originally communicated to the City Council.

In addition, the purpose of this invitation is to have them clarify the questions with regard to the intended mitigation plan, to address the extensive loss of tree canopy from these tree removals in the airport flight paths.

Here is a list of possible questions the Council may ask during the discussion:
1. How many trees have been pruned to date, and is this more or less than originally estimated?
2. How many trees have been removed to date, and is this more or less than originally estimated?
3. How many additional (unplanned) trees have been removed to date?
4. What is the total budget allocated for the replacement of the trees that have been removed?
5. The promised tree replacement ratio was 3:1 (3 new trees for every tree removed). How many estimated trees will be replaced?
6. What species of trees will be selected as replacements?
7. What will be the minimum size (caliper) of the replacement trees?
8. Will the replacement trees be planted in the same location?
9. What is the timeline for tree replacement, i.e., when will the replacement trees be planted?
10. What protection will be provided for the replacement trees to aid in their survival (e.g. from browsing by deer)?
11. What follow up maintenance is planned to ensure the survival of replacement trees?