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Details Emerge on FBI Development at Greenbelt Metro

Garth Beall, the attorney for the proposed FBI development at the Greenbelt Metro came to four cities’ meeting last night and presented his concept plan to Council members of four neighboring cities – College Park, Greenbelt, New Carrollton and Berwyn Heights.

Mr. Beall came to the College Park City Council a few months back when he announced the initial plan but at that time no conceptual plan was in presented. The plan that he presented was the most detail we’ve seen.

Here is a brief summary of the plan.

  • Any buildings that are more than 12 stories, although he wasn’t willing to agree to a provision in the Sector Plan limiting them to 20 buildings, because he said the GSA might have different requirements.
  • The Greenbelt Station Parkway in their plan doesn’t follow the Western alignment but also doesn’t really follow the Eastern alignment – more of a “central” alignment, in that there would be an initial group of mixed-use (retail and office with residential) between the Metro and the Parkway, and the FBI would be on the other side of the Parkway.
  • The Beltway interchange alignment would follow the SHA-preferred alignment. The mixed-use buildings would be 4-8 stories and would be 250 feet from the tracks.

I’ve asked to send an electronic version of the plan. Once I have it, I will share that with you. The plan is in very early stage, so things might change in the next few weeks. The GSA is looking for a submission by early March.

Update: Mr. Beall has shared the initial plan with our Council however he has asked not to disseminate it publicly since it is a fairly early version of the conceptual plan. He is expected to be present at this month’s North College Park Civic Association meeting on February 14 and talk more about the plan.


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  1. anonymous

    Thank you for this update. Can you tell us more about the city’s involvement in the status of the East Campus development as reported in the Diamondback today?

  2. adelphi_sky

    Thanks for the update. It is appreciated!

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