The LV Collective has submitted a Detailed Site Plan (DSP) for a new mixed-use development on the east side of Baltimore Avenue, between Melbourne Place and Navahoe Street (8133-8155 Baltimore Avenue). The proposed project includes 299 student-oriented apartments, 13,305 square feet of retail space, and a 2,219 square foot community space.

Key Project Details:
Hearing Date: The Planning Board will review the DSP on Thursday, June 27th. Park and Planning Staff reports are typically available two weeks before the hearing.
Estimated Construction Cost: $124 million
Estimated Property Taxes: $3 million annually, once stabilized
Job Creation: The project will create 7 full-time and 11 part-time jobs, with additional employment opportunities from the retail space. Additionally, approximately 800 temporary construction jobs are expected.

The development features a 6-7 story building comprising 299 units (1,011 beds) of student housing and 13,684 square feet of commercial space. It also includes the 2,219 square foot Lakeland Legacy Center, dedicated to the Lakeland community. Parking will be provided in a structured garage occupying the first two levels of the building, accessible from Melbourne Place, with a drop-off lane for deliveries and ride-sharing.

The northern façade will house a service area, accessible from Navahoe Street, across from the McDonald’s restaurant. This area will be screened and only open during move-ins, move-outs, and trash pickup. The rear façade, facing Lakeland, will feature a step-back design with two-story townhouses and the Lakeland Legacy Center.

Currently, the site includes several commercial buildings, totaling 34,422 square feet of gross floor area, which will be demolished for the new development. These buildings include a commercial shopping center (Campus Village Shoppes), a liquor store, and a gas station. The applicant is working with existing tenants to potentially relocate them to the new space, while also seeking new tenants for any remaining areas.

Community Impact:
Local Businesses: The applicant is committed to working with College Park businesses and sub-contractors.
Economic Growth: The new development will generate significant property tax revenue and create numerous job opportunities, supporting the local economy.

Next week, the City Council will discuss the DSP with the developer. Staff recommends supporting the DSP with certain conditions to ensure it meets community needs.

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to attend the Planning Board hearing on June 27th to learn more about this transformative project!