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Delay in Trash Pickup

The following is a message from the City Manager Joe Nagro [via NCPCA listserve]

Hello All:

All equipment continues to clear City streets in preparation for salting to begin. Trucks should begin salting around 4:00 this afternoon and continue into the night.
On another note, we have made the decision to not pick up trash until Tuesday. This means everyone’s trash day will move back one day as if Monday is a holiday. The decision was made for two reasons. The first being that the landfill will not be open on Monday and second this will give residents a better opportunity to clear paths for trash and recycling containers. I would appreciate it if Councilmembers would use their email lists to civic associations and residents to get the word out. Any questions let me know.

Thanks Joe
Joseph Nagro
City Manager


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  1. Robert Catlin

    The City’s Public Works will not pick up trash/recycling on Wednesday or Thursday. The plan is to pick up Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s trash and recycling all on Friday.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Thanks Bob for the update

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