December 2014 Leaf Collection Calendar

Please see below December 2014 leaf collection calendar.

Dec 2014 Leaf collection callendar

Here is the description of the service areas.
SA-1 Calvert Hills Albion Rd north to Calvert Rd; U.S. Route 1 east to Bowdoin Ave.

SA-2 Old Town and Knox Box Area Calvert Rd north to Norwich Rd; Cornell Ave east to Columbia Ave.

SA-3 College Park Estates and Yarrow

SA-4 Lakeland and Berwyn Pierce Ave north to Route 193, U.S. Route1 east to 54th Ave.

SA-5 West Side of Rhode Island Avenue Route 193 north to Niagara Rd; Autoville Dr east to Rhode Island Ave Includes Cherry Hill area.

SA-6 East Side Rhode Island Avenue Branchville Rd north to Narragansett Pkwy/Muskogee St; Rhode Island Ave east to Metro Line.

SA-7 North End Narragansett Pkwy north to Paducah Rd; Rhode Island Ave east to 53rd Ave

SA-8 College Park Woods including Crystal Springs, Acredale Ct, and Patricia Ct

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