Pond near Davis Field

In case live near the Davis Field (at the end of Kenesaw St.), here is a good news. The pond in that field will be finally cleaned up by our County staff.

I attended the pre-construction meeting for the Water Quality Pond at end of Kenesaw Street this morning.

Below are some of the activities that will be going on at the site:
· The contractor will begin de-watering the pond today.
· Trash and debris in the pond will be removed and hauled away.
· The inflow pipe from Narragansett Run will be cleaned.
· The outflow pipe will be unclogged and cleaned.
· About 125 cubic yard of sediment will be removed from the pond.
· The sediment will be de-watered on site and then hauled away.
· The pond area will be reshaped to its originally designed configuration.
· The perimeter fence will be repaired and a twin 5’ gate installed.
· A trash rack will be installed over the outfall pipe.
· All the disturbed area outside of the pond used for construction activity will have construction clean up and will be restored with topsoil, seed and mulch.
The area directly around the pond will be secured at the end of each working day.
The project should be completed on or before August 15th , weather permitting.

Please let me know if you have any questions.