Let’s face it! The crosswalks in north College Park’s streets aren’t safe. There have been quite a few incidents on these streets that can be termed as ‘close calls’.

Say for example the crosswalk on Route 1 near Edgewood Road. First the crosswalk there isn’t marked properly. I’ve seen pedestrians often crossing the street running to the other end.

The same is true for the crosswalks on Rhode Island Avenue that stretches from Sunnyside to Rt193. This is the street where residents often cross between the east and the west side of the neighborhood.

The North College Park Citizens Association will discuss this continuing pedestrian hazards with the State Highway Administration (SHA) and the the County Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT) in its upcoming September 9 meeting. Ever curious why two different entities are invited to discuss the crosswalk safety issues on our major streets? – because SHA and DPWT own / regulate Route 1 and Rhode Island Avenue respectively.

The details about the meting has been posted on NCPCA’s website http://myncpca.org .  Please mark your calendar.