Leaf should be piled on the curb of the street, but not on the street

Fall is here and hence the time has arrived for the curbside leaf collection.

Public Works conducts leaf collection activities in the fall, usually starting early November and ending late December/early January. Collection may continue further into January depending on weather conditions during and after the scheduled collection period. Residents can find out when their neighborhood will be serviced by viewing theĀ collection calendar, or looking for signs posted in their neighborhood with the collection dates. Signs will be posted the week prior to collection.

Here are the dates for the leaf collection in north College Park.

Nov 07, Friday, Rhode Island Ave, west
Nov 10, Monday, Rhode Island Ave, west, Autoville, Cherry Hill
Nov 12, Wednesday, Rhode Island Ave, east
Nov 21, Friday, Rhode Island Ave, west
Nov 24, Monday, Rhode Island Ave, west
Nov 25, Tuesday, Rhode Island Ave, west, Autoville, Cherry Hill

Residents are asked to consider the following information and adhere to the rules of leaf collection season:

  • Rake leaves to the curb. Pile leaves away from cars and storm drains. The leaf vacuum cannot reach around cars.
  • Remove tree limbs, rocks, trash, and other debris from leaves to be collected. They can damage the equipment and cause delays.
  • Noise and dust may be noticeable. Dry conditions generate more dust. We apologize for any inconvenience. We do recommend getting your air ducts cleaned after by duct cleaning Melbourne.
  • If you bag leaves, please put them out when the leaf vacuum is scheduled. Yard waste trucks will not be collecting bagged yard waste during your regular trash and recycling day during this time.
    • Use paper yard waste bags or approved reusable containers.
    • Do not put them out with regular trash.
    • No bagging is necessary in the fall.
  • The leaf vacuum makes collections only in the fall.
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