Leaf Season 2011

Starting Monday, October 31st, the Public Works Department will begin curbside vacuum collection of leaves. Look for signs posted in your neighborhood for collection dates; collection schedules are tentative so please check the website or contact Public Works for updates. Weather conditions may affect collection (rain may delay collection; dry conditions may generate dust). We apologize for any inconvenience.

November 2011 Curbside Leaf Collection Calendar

Between November 2011 and January 2012, please observe the following:


Rake leaves, grass, flowers, and light clippings to the curb (but not in the street) – you do not need to bag these items.

Pile leaves away from cars and storm drains – piles blocked by obstacles will not be collected.
Watch for the posted signs in your neighborhood to know when to rake your leaves to the curb. Visit the website for updates to the collection schedule.


-Include brush, branches, sticks, bamboo, vines, rocks, or debris (litter) in your leaf piles. These items may damage the leaf vacuums and delay collection.

Use plastic bags for leaves and clippings. You also do not need to use paper bags or reusable containers during curbside leaf vacuum collection.
Block storm strains or fire hydrants, as this can lead to storm water and emergency access problems.
Pile leaves in the street. Leaves in the street can create a slipping hazard, parking problems, and clog storm drains.