For several years, the Hollywood Community Garden has flourished on private property at 9900 Rhode Island Avenue, serving as a vibrant hub for residents to connect with nature and each other. However, the City of North College Park is now embarking on an exciting new chapter in community gardening by establishing a brand new garden on city-owned land. This initiative aims to provide more permanent infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of our community.

The proposed location for this endeavor is Davis Field, nestled between Iroquois and Kennesaw Streets. Planning staff have been diligently collaborating with residents and key stakeholders to ensure that this new facility will not only meet the community’s needs but also enhance the overall quality of life in North College Park.

During a recent meeting with members of the North College Park Citizens Association (NCPCA) on February 8, 2024, feedback from residents was largely positive. However, some concerns were raised, particularly regarding parking availability in the neighborhood, as well as the preservation of green space for children to play.

Addressing these concerns head-on, planning staff have been working tirelessly to refine the proposal, including adjustments to the location and footprint within Davis Field. This process of ongoing dialogue and collaboration underscores the city’s commitment to transparency and community engagement.

One notable collaboration that has emerged from this process is with the Bee City USA Committee. Members of the committee have expressed their support for the project and a keen interest in ensuring that the garden features native pollinators and remains accessible to all residents. This partnership not only enriches the project itself but also sets a positive precedent for future collaborations between the city and its various committees.

Looking ahead, planning staff are committed to continuing their collaboration with the Bee City USA Committee and other stakeholders to finalize the project’s implementation plan. In the spirit of transparency and community input, staff are eager to attend an additional NCPCA meeting to seek further feedback before presenting the final proposal to the City Council for approval.

At last Tuesday’s meeting, the Council agreed to support establishing a new community garden in North College Park.