RhodeIsland Crosswalk - Before the refresh

If you’ve driven on Rhode Island Avenue between Edgewood and Rt 193 in recent days, you’ve probably seen this – many parts of the stripes on the four existing cross walks are faded / worn out and some parts of them are completely gone.

I took a picture of one of these crosswalks early this month (See that on the left). The DPW&T staff was requested if they could consider restriping them as part of their maintenance budget.

I just noticed last night that the DPW&T staff completed that refresh / repaint work. They are near Hollywood, Indian and Cherokee (near the Duvall Field), The crosswalk at Muskugee will be done when the pavement marking for the intersection is done.

Let’s thank the DPW&T staff for their prompt actions.

The DPW&T will also come to a public town hall meeting soon to talk about more permanent measures on pedestrian safety on Rhode Island Avenue. We’ll let you know when more details become available.

Cross walk at Hollywood Rd

Crosswalk near Indian Lane

Crosswalk near Cherokee St.