With $700,000 already spent, and another spending of $390,000 in sight, the Envision PG has released a wish list on what the residents want for the next 20 years in their county. The M-NCPPC funded the intiative.

The list was presented at a breakfast economic forum held at the UMd last Friday. This forum was an extension to a series of other forums that PG Envision organized in the past two years. I personally attended one late last year.

Envision listed some 47 items in their wish list. Out of that, they will address 14 high priority items first. Residents want less crime, better schools and a more affordable county to call home. Some of the goals and recommendations made by the group include increasing the number of PTAs by at least 50 percent by August 2015, developing a zero-tolerance corruption policy throughout all government agencies and creating more than 66 percent of the county’s job and housing growth around the county’s 15 Metro stations by 2014 (Washington Post).