At tonight’s Council meeting, the Council will receive a presentation from the College Park University Partnership (CPCUP) about its 10-year strategic plan.

The CPCUP plan focuses on the following key areas – housing and development, transportation and mobility, public safety, health, and education.

On housing and development, the plan sets the following goals (a) Retain and attract homeowners in single and multi-family dwellings. (b) Retain and recruit retail, commercial, and hospitality businesses with local and regional appeal. (c) Retain and attract new research and development companies.

CPCUP’s transportation goals include (a) Increase use of public transit, including Metro Bus and Rail, University Transportation Services, and Prince George’s County ‘The Bus’ and ‘Route 1 Ride’. (b) Increase walkability and bike-ability throughout our community.

The public safety goals include (a) Maintain and improve safety and health, including the Student Code of Conduct, University of Maryland Police and Health departments, security cameras on and off-campus. (b) Maintain and improve cooperation between the City, University, and other agencies like a security company to enhance the security and health of our community.

The education goals include (a) Maintain and enhance K-12 educational opportunities, including the expansion of College Park Academy, to attract and retain families with school-age children. (b) Maintain and improve quality pre-K opportunities for City and University residents and employees.

Many of CPCUP’s 10-year strategic plan goals intersect with what the City is currently doing as part of its 5-year Strategic plan. We hope to discuss how the City and the CPCUP can work together to achieve their shared goals.