The College Park City University Partnership (CPCUP) Executive Director Eric Olson came before College Park City Council meeting last week and talked about the what the CPCUP has done in the past year and what it plans to do in 2016. You can see the 2015 report here on CPCUP’s website.

The City and the University continue to contribute equally to the Partnership, with each giving $125,000 toward the Partnership’s general operating expenses. The total funding for the organization from these two entities totals $250,000.

Among the accomplishments, Mr. Olson highlighted the following in his report:

  • Governor Hogan moved forward both the Purple Line and funding for rebuilding Baltimore Avenue.
  • College Park Academy students continued to excel in the school’s third year, scoring high marks and competing with the best school systems in the state on measures of academic success.
  • CCUP secured funding for a 2016 pilot program to place “safety ambassadors” in College Park to serve as a community presence.
  • CPCUP’s homeownership program resulted in five sets of University employees becoming new College Park residents in 2015.

In 2016, the CPCUP plans to work on the committees implementing the major programs, revamp its website, produce University District Vision video, Arts and Culture programming public spaces.


Home ownership grant program by the City University partnership resulted in 5 UMD staff buying houses in the city