At next week’s meeting, the Council will receive a presentation from the College Park City University Partnership (CPCUP). Partnership celebrated 25 years of service to the City, University and College Park Community.

CPCUP spent $150,000 from the National Capital Strategic Economic Development Fund to support the Homeownership program.

Three new homebuyers in 2022 make for a total of 78 since the program launch. It also invested  $1,293,000 from the State of Maryland to connect the Trolley Trail to the Riverwalk along Campus Drive.

Additionally, it spent  $15.8 million in federal, state, and local funding to support establishing the Community Preservation Trust.

The Trust plans to invest in 5 homes in 2023.

After the pandemic, the CPCUP intends to restart the Trolley Trail Day on June 10, 2023 from Hollywood to Hyattsville, with activity hubs in Berwyn, Lakeland and Calvert Hills.