Council member Wojahn and I sent the following email to the neighbors addressing traffic concerns that might result from the proposed move to the Al-Huda school site.

Thanks to those of you who were able to participate in the recent meeting regarding potential solutions to the traffic issues that might result from the College Park Academy relocating to the current Al-Huda site at 53rd Ave. and Edgewood. We have been working with the College Park Academy leadership to come up with a series of proposals to address the volume of traffic and traffic congestion that has occurred at this site and may continue to occur if the Academy relocates there.

This is a preliminary list of proposals that the Academy is willing to do in order to reduce the traffic congestion problem. The first three actions listed will decrease the quantity of vehicles using Edgewood Rd. to access the school. The last four will decrease congestion by spreading traffic out and helping ensure that the traffic moves more smoothly. The proposals are as follows:

1. Support and encourage the Academy’s busing program as it exists today. Currently, about 15-20% of the Academy students use the busing program now, and they are hoping to increase that amount to 25%;

2. Implement a carpooling program, and promote it through the Academy website, including the possibility of using the website to connect potential carpoolers;

3. Promote the use of public transportation and use of the Greenbelt Metro site. Explore improving the path from Greenbelt to the school;

4. Stagger opening times for the middle school and high school; and

5. Continue early morning programs and after-school programs to reduce the number of cars traveling during peak times;

6. Pro-actively manage the interface between the students and the vehicles in the mornings and afternoons so as to improve through-put of the vehicles; and

7. If any back-up on Edgewood still occurs after all the above steps have been taken, re-route the cars once they are on the school site so as to absorb any back-up on Edgewood.

The Academy leadership believes that these seven steps will improve the situation. If necessary, however, the School Board is open to taking further steps to address any congestion that remains after these steps are taken. The City will also seriously consider options presented in the 2006 Krouse Committee report to address traffic congestion on Edgewood Road before the school moves to the new site. Such options might include providing additional parking options on Edgewood Road between 52nd Place and 53rd Ave. or re configuring the traffic patterns in the area.

For proposals that require additional resources, however, the City and the Academy leadership will have to work together to find ways to fund them.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Fazlul and Patrick