The Federal Emergency Management Agency is setting up a vaccination site on Metro’s Greenbelt parking lot, according to Greenbelt Mayor Colin Byrd.

Byrd, who announced the vaccine center on Monday, said the FEMA-run site will operate from early April through June and come with additional doses of COVID-19 vaccine beyond Prince George’s County’s usual allotment.

The Federal Pilot Community Vaccination Center is scheduled to open on April 7 and will serve the surrounding communities in Prince George’s County. Work is currently underway to set up the site, which will be located in the parking lot area, and it will be fully staffed and operated by FEMA personnel.

According to Metro, signage will provide guidance to the vaccination site from the Metrorail station and parking areas. Parking in a designated lot will be available at no cost to those getting vaccinated. Marylanders interested in receiving a vaccination can pre-register online at or by calling 1-855-MD-GoVAX.

Please see Mayor Byrd’s post below: