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COVID-19 Vaccination Sites for College Park and Surrounding Areas

The Maryland health secretary suggests that residents should register with multiple sites for COVID vaccine appointments. Though this is inconvenient for many residents to register with many sites, in the absence of a single, one-stop site for registration in the State, this is the best way to get on the wait-list and get an appointment at this time.

You can go to Maryland’s vaccine site portal and find the locations of the nearby sites near you (by entering your zip code). These have been known to have worked for neighbors in the area. There may be other locations as the situation changes daily.

  1. Prince George’s County Pre-Registration form
  2. Safeway registration
  3. Walgreens For Walgreens, it is important to sign up for an account before trying to get an appointment. Remain logged in on your browser
  4. Giant Foods or here
  5. Adventist Hospital A resident told me that the Adventist seems to load appointments weekly, dependent on how many shots they receive. Go to their site and request notification for each center (there are three). When you receive a notification that appointments are open, quickly (within 5 minutes) go to the site and sign up
  6. Doctor’s Community Hospital Lanham
  7. Holy Cross Hospital According to a resident, Holy Cross seems to load their appointments weekly and does not provide the notification. Instead, their COVID vax page provides guidance so you can read in advance. Generally, they load at 4 pm Thursdays. Load the webpage in advance and refresh. You will have less than 5 minutes to successfully signup. Remain calm and methodically fill everything out. When processing does not refresh. The success rate is not 100% every time because thousands of people are trying to appointments at the same time.
  8. University of Maryland Medical Systems
  9. CVS Pharmacy It is important to sign up for an account before trying to get an appointment
  10. For veterans, you are also eligible to receive shots through this VA site
  11. Six Flags America Theme Park
  12. MedStar Montgomery Medical Center
  13. First Baptist Church of Glenarden

According to one resident, these sites are loaded with new appointments at different times, especially around early morning, and around 4 pm.

If you or a neighbor needs help with signing up, please reach out to me, and I will help you as best we can. College Park is also providing free rides to seniors who need them to access their vaccine appointments. Please call the  Senior Services program at 301-345-8100.

The Maryland Health Secretary also told that residents should remove their names from registration lists once they secure an appointment somewhere.


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