Utility Shut-Off Moratorium: The moratorium on utility shut-offs has been extended through November 15. Beginning October 1, utility providers could begin to issue notices to residents that their utilities may be shut off starting November 15 for those who are behind. However, some companies like WSSC Water have already announced they are not performing shut-offs. Also, if residents get one of those notices but they enroll in some form of assistance program (every company is offering them), the utility company is not allowed (by law) to perform a shut-off even after November 15. More info and a link to a number of resources across the State is available at: www.psc.state.md.us

WSSC Water and Pepco Resources: Our utility companies have messaging about how they are supporting our residents during these very challenging times, including re-payment options, the waiving of certain fees, assistance programs and more. We are providing this information in addition to the information above about the moratorium so residents who may need to enroll in one of these assistance programs will have the opportunity to do so. The links for both companies are below for your convenience:
WSSC Water: http://wsscwater.com/heretohelp
Pepco: https://bit.ly/2EUPzfr