County’s Rent Zoning Bill Postponed

At the request of County Council man Eric Olson, the PZED committee postponed the rent stabilization overlay zone bill. The committee met last Tuesday afternoon to vote on the bill. You can read more about the public hearing that took place at the meeting here.

At the meeting, Mr. Olson made two major changes to the bill in the committee: 1) He made the distance between rentals smaller by half – from 800 feet to 400 feet, this makes it less restrictive; 2) He added “economic hardship” as a reason that a homeowner could get a waiver to rent out their home (in addition to the waivers that were already in the bill – temporary work relocation and other similar circumstances).

After the changes are made to the bill, it was tabled, so it is still in the committee. The committee will not meet again prior to September.

I will let you know once more updates are available.

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