The Prince George’s County Planning Department recently awarded a consultant contract for the Route 1 Land Development Study in Beltsville to Smart Growth America and the Neighborhood Design Center. This Study looks at the Subregion 1 Plan area along the Route 1 Corridor boundary from Quimby Avenue to Sunnyside Avenue, adjacent to the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center and the immediate surrounding neighborhoods, to develop a strategy that brings in various partners to formulate and consider how to create sustaining relationships that realize the vision outlined in the Subregion I Plan for this area, with the focus of bringing about coordination among the industrial and commercial land for sale close by to the surrounding neighborhoods. This coordinated effort ultimately focuses on improving the area’s visual appearance and ensuring a pedestrian-friendly, safe, and enjoyable place to walk.

The Study will bring together experts across various disciplines to focus on: Neighborhood Revitalization, Real Estate Development, Complete Streets, and Design Guidelines. It will also engage local stakeholders to create recommendations for future development that align with the Approved Masterplan and Sectional Map Amendment for Subregion 1.

Two meetings will be held in early December with home construction firms in order to engage local stakeholders and create recommendations for future development aligned with the approved Masterplan and Sectional Map Amendment.

There is a project webpage that has more information about the project, including a map of the study area, upcoming meetings and events, and a link to a community survey.

For additional information, please review the study website here.

[Source: CM Dernoga’s office]