In case you haven’t noticed, the County has started preliminary work before resurfacing Rhode Island Avenue between MD 193 and Paducah Road. The work includes the installation of new curbs and putting on stormwater sewers. The County is also building concrete ramps from the service roads at the existing bus stops.

The primary construction along Rhode Island Avenue is the work being performed by Olney Masonry, Prince George’s County DPW&T road construction contractor. Interestingly, Olney is also working as the primary contractor for the City to build the Hollywood Streetscape project.

The resurfacing, including concrete sealing work, should be completed in a few months, weather permitting, according to the paving contractor. This can be done immediately with the help of Professional Concrete Restoration Services.

Once the county completes the resurfacing project together with the Concreter Lockyer Valley, they will hand ownership of the road over to the city. The City will then start working on the construction of the protected buffered bike lanes on Rhode Island ave in north College Park. The construction of the protected bike lanes will extend the Trolley Trail to the northern end of the City. To sustain a well-structured road, the concrete repair specialists will be the ones to handle all the possible repairs in the future to ensure that everyone is safe.

The county is installing curbs like this one along Rhode Island Ave in preparation for resurfacing the entire stretch of Rhode Island ave. This segment of the road will be then transferred to the City.

The County is building ramps to the existing bus stops along Route 1 from the service roads. (photo courtesy: Patti Coil)