Prince George’s County’s Department of the Environment (DoE) Animal Management Division (AMD) announced the winning entries of the 23rd annual “Be Kind to Animals” Poster Contest during a special awards ceremony held at the Animal Services Facility in Upper Marlboro.

More than 2,200 entries were submitted into the 2016 contest. Of those, 22 creative posters, designed by student artists in kindergarten through sixth grade, were honored during the ceremony. Through the contest, Prince George’s County recognizes elementary school students for their poster designs supporting responsible pet care and kindness to animals.

“Through this annual contest, the Animal Management Division focuses on educating young students on the best ways to care for pets. The goal is not for contest participants to create a pretty poster, but to demonstrate their knowledge of responsible pet care. And, these winning posters do this exceptionally well,” said AMD Associate Director Rodney Taylor.

Showing their support, principals, teachers and parents of the honorees attended the ceremony, which included welcoming remarks from Mr. Taylor, and DoE Deputy Director Joseph Gill presented a proclamation to the Animal Management Division, which officially declared May 9-13, 2016, “Be Kind to Animals” Week. Mr. Taylor also recognized and thanked Ms. Mary Jacobs, and Mr. Roger & Judy McClain for their generous contribution and ongoing support of the contest and awards ceremony.

Emphasizing the importance of giving pets love, a home, food and water, treats and belly rubs, grand prize poster contest honoree Trinity Williams, a fourth grade student attending St. Mary’s Piscataway Elementary School, received a $100 gift card and a commemorative prize bag. Honors were also presented in first, second and third places, which included $75, $50 and $25 gift cards respectively, and commemorative prize bags.

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Winners and their prizes include:

Grand Prize
$100 gift certificate and commemorative gift bag
§ Trinity Williams, 4rd Grade, Ms. Cook, St. Mary’s Piscataway Elementary School

First Place
$75 gift certificate and commemorative gift bag (per winner)
§ Michael Amao, Kindergarten, Mrs. Phelan, Vansville Elementary School
§ Madison Evans, 1st Grade, Mrs. Latorre, Kenilworth Elementary School
§ Janiyah Lee, 2nd Grade, Ms. Miller, Panorama Tulip Grove Elementary School
§ Vishant Bhagat, 3rd Grade, Ms. Chilcote, Whitehall Elementary School
§ Noah Smith, 4th Grade, Ms. Chatman, Excellence Christian School
§ Omorose Emwanta, 5th Grade, Ms. Kogut, Mount Calvary Catholic School
§ Sophia Montgomery, 6th Grade, Ms. Chatman, Excellence Christian School

Second Place
$50 gift certificate and commemorative gift bag (per winner)
§ Ali Majid, Kindergarten, Ms. Saafiyah Abdul Aleem, Al-Huda School
§ Joseph Harrison IV, 1st Grade, Mrs. Cavanaugh, St. Pius X Regional School
§ David Priester, 2nd Grade, Mrs. Tapang, Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary School
§ Carlos Lee, 3rd Grade, Ms. Chatman, Excellence Christian School
§ Gabriela Chicas Romero, 4th Grade, Mrs. Hill, Lewisdale Elementary School
§ Casey McGee, 5th Grade, Ms. Humphreys, St. Pius X Regional School
§ Ryan Samuel, 6th Grade, Ms. Lovette, St. Mary’s of Piscataway School

Third Place
$25 gift certificate and commemorative gift bag (per winner)
§ Ariela Okonta, Kindergarten, Mrs. Walter, Vansville Elementary School
§ Erin Thweatt, 1st Grade, Ms. Jiggetts, New Chapel Christian Academy
§ Stephanie Garcia, 2nd Grade, Mrs. Wilson, Tulip Grove Elementary School
§ King Lockley, 3rd Grade, Ms. Prelovsky, John Bayne Elementary School
§ Gabriella Patrick, 4th Grade, Ms. Heilman, Vansville Elementary School
§ Myris C. Rochez, 5th Grade, Mrs. Losey, Brandywine Elementary School
§ Madelyn Cipolla, 6th Grade, Mrs. Baden, St. Pius X Regional School

For more information about the “Be Kind to Animals” Poster Contest and Awards Ceremony contact County Click 3-1-1.

[Source: Dept. of Environment, Prince George’s County]