County / City to Review Controversial Speed Camera in College Park

A controversial speed camera on the Metzerott road has drawn much attention in the past week. The County and the City are looking into how to best address it. See more here on the MyFox DC News and the ABC 7.

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1 Comment to “County / City to Review Controversial Speed Camera in College Park”

  1. By anita, August 19, 2013 @ 9:12 am

    I have problems with this camera for many reasons. Let’s get rid of this speed camera. For one thing is it true the cameras are supposed to be within a certain distance of a school. What school is near this camera? Okay the UM Observatory, is this really a school. Also, why was this camera placed in this spot in the first place? Is there a history of accidents at this intersection? Would you please post the history of accidents. All this camera is is a money maker for the city. It’s quite a welcome to CP for fans attending sporting events. Is this what we want our city to be known as the city of speed cameras.