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County Approves Food Trucks

Food trucks will be permitted in Prince George’s County for the first time in a decade thanks to [a] bill passed by county council on last Tuesday.

The mobile eateries will operate in approved “food truck hubs” located within a quarter-mile of certain Metro stations and county parks.

A committee of citizens will oversee the food-truck program, which is expected to launch in College Park and New Carrollton.

See more about the news here on the Washington Post.


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  1. Mike

    A few months ago there was an article here about the “Little Tavern” that was set to be demolished. “The University of Maryland College Park Foundation plans to take the blighted property on the 7400 block of Route 1 and transform the 6,743 square-foot property into an outdoor community space with food trucks, parking and seating,” Is this where the food trucks will go, or will they be situated closer to metro stations as was alluded to in the article? Any word on when we can expect to see food trucks in College Park?

    It may be smart to reach out to the more popular food trucks (Check WaPo, Yelp, etc.) to encourage the best food trucks to come to College Park where I think many students and residents would like to try new foods. There are a ton of food trucks now and quality can really vary, so I think its important to get off to a good start and bring in some of the more popular trucks to build some buzz from the start.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Mike, I checked with our County council woman Danielle Glaros. Currently, the food trucks are allowed at CP metro and other locations by resolution. The County Council will consider doing a resolution to enable at the old Tavern site early next year. Hope this helps!

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