Staff will initiate quarantine protocols to contain the illness and treat affected animals

Effective immediately, the Prince George’s County Animals Services Facility and Adoption Center (ASFAC) will temporarily close to the public and stop dog adoptions due to an outbreak of an undetermined illness spreading at the facility until further notice. The temporary closure will allow staff to initiate quarantine protocols to stop the spread of the disease and to treat dogs who are ill. At this time, the disease is not spreading from dogs to any other animals within the facility, and testing is ongoing.

“As we are seeing an uptick of this disease strike shelters nationwide, we are acting out of an abundance of caution to help stop the spread of this disease,” says David Fisher, Associate Director of the Department of Animal Services. “The best place for a dog to be at this time is in a home being watched carefully by their owner.”

ASFAC will allow pets to leave the facility if:
• It is a return to the owner (RTO);
• An adoption is in process, and the pet shows no signs of illness; and
• The pet is considered for foster and shows no signs of illness.

In all circumstances of release, ASFAC will have paperwork for the pet owner to sign to acknowledge the possible illness of the animal before release.
To help reduce the spread of the disease in the community, ASFAC encourages pet owners to limit visits to dog parks, doggie daycares, groomers, and other public spaces where pets have dog-to-dog contact. They also encourage pet owners to keep their pets updated on vaccines, avoid communal water bowls, and seek medical advice from a veterinarian if any symptoms like a cough or runny nose develop.

For more information or updates on when the facility will reopen, contact (301) 780-7200.