Strategic plan envisions to improve Route 1 and businesses on Route 1

Strategic plan envisions to improve Route 1 and businesses on Route 1

In 2008, the Mayor and Council of the City of College Park decided to develop a strategic plan to identify key needs and formulate strategies for addressing them for a five year period.

It’s time now to think ahead of our strategic plan for the next five year – 2016 to 2020

Our FY 15 budget includes funds for a strategic consultant to assist in developing a new 5-year strategic plan, as the city’s current strategic plan expires at the end of this year. Last month, the city issued a Request for Proposals and received a number of bids, and then narrowed the bids down to three top candidates. These candidates have been interviewed, checking references, their submitted documentation are reviewed, and  Catherine Tuck Parrish from Novak Consulting was selected as the plan consultant.

This strategic plan is intended to build on previous and ongoing city planning efforts including the Comprehensive Plan, Economic Development Plan, Housing Plan, Transportation Master Plan, and Route 1 Sector Plan and other relevant plans. At the same time, the City Council needs a more up-to-date plan that takes into account changes that have occurred over time, integrates elements of various different plans, and focuses on providing a concrete action plan for strategies that we can hope to accomplish during the next five years.

To obtain early citizen input prior to the drafting of this plan, the consultant will conduct focus groups with city residents and other stakeholders to obtain their ideas on priorities for the strategic plan.

In addition, the committee will use the survey results to get input for the plan. The City Council will also hear public input at Public Hearings to obtain feedback on the draft strategic plan.

Strategic Direction and Results FY 2010-2015
In this strategic plan the City of College Park City Council is challenging itself to:
 Enhance the quality of life throughout the City with emphasis on maintaining quality core services, making strategic and sustainable decisions that improve public safety, revitalizing blighted and deteriorated areas in the City including Route 1 and the Hollywood Commercial District, supporting prosperous economic development and job creation, addressing neighborhood improvements while preserving a high quality of life in our neighborhoods , and protecting and preserving the natural environment;
 Strengthen the City’s working relationship with the University of Maryland, Prince George’s County, local schools, state government, and neighboring municipalities t develop a more cooperative and unified community; and
 Keep residents and business and property owners well informed, through a variety of communication vehicles , about City activity and engage them to the fullest extent possible in City activity. Key attributes that will define the next five years in the City’s history include, tackling tough issues, responding to the needs of residents, open communication, leadership, and collaboration and cooperation with key stakeholders. The City Council will know it has succeeded because it will be a resource that the University and community point to as a valued partner in creating a thriving local economy and continuing to transform College Park into great place to live, work, and spend leisure time.

The City of College Park will pursue this strategic direction through the following goals that have equal priority:
Goal I Consistent high-quality and cost-effective public services that contribute to a safe and welcoming community for all.
Goal II Convenient transportation options that improve local travel and manage congestion.
Goal III Lead the community in environmental conservation, protection, restoration, and energy efficiency.
Goal IV Neighborhoods that are safe, peaceful, attractive and retain their community character.
Goal V Expand the local economy and tax base