Voters heading to vote in a College Park election (Photo credit: the Diamondback paper)

At last night’s meeting, the Council voted to only have the Community Center as the election day voting site. The vote was 7-0-1. I abstained from voting as I wanted to know more about the cost of adding Davis Hall as an election site. We were told that the cost was a factor that Davis Hall wasn’t selected as the voting site.

Though Davis Hall wasn’t selected as the election day voting site, we were told there would be multiple days Davis Hall would be available for early voting. Though it’s not as bad as no voting opportunities, I am not sure how many residents will take this opportunity in north College Park. If history is any guide, only a few people vote early. Some residents only vote on election day as a kind of tradition. In 2019, a total of 851 voters voted in District 1. Unfortunately, only 40 voters voted early (4.7%). Let’s hope multiple days of early voting at a place closer to their homes will make a difference at this year’s election.

Additionally, as happened last election, voters will be able to drop their mail-in ballots at the drop-off box outside of Davis Hall.

The Council also selected Sunday, November 5, as this year’s election day.

I’ll keep you posted as we hear more about this year’s election.

You can read more about last night’s vote here in the Diamondback paper: After contentious debate, College Park City Council sets 2023 election location, date (

Thank you to all who spoke and wrote to the Mayor and Council about this important matter.