House for Rent

In last night’s Council meeting, the rent Control was extended for 1 year period. The original ordinance had the language to extend rent control for 5 years. an amendment was passed to make that duration from 5 to 1 year with 6-2 votes. Council members Stullich and Afzali voted against the amendment. Council member Catlin opposed the amended motion.

The Council also voted to suspend the enforcement of the rent control ordinance for one year. An amendment requiring the Council to revisit the program before 1 year expiration period failed (2-6).

Because the 1 year extension and 1 year suspension will happen concurrently, there will effectively be no rent control in the next 12 months period starting September 1st, 2012.

In the coming year, the City hope to work with all the stake holders (long time residents, students, the UMd, property owners and the Council) to address the core issue that mainly prompted rent control ordinance 7 years ago – improve the quality of life in the residential neighborhood. We hope to form a working group and come up with a set of best practices and goals to work on. We will keep you posted as progress is made.