At tonight’s Council meeting, the City Council will revisit the free-standing Holiday Inn sign at 9020 Baltimore Avenue (near Greenbelt Road).

Holiday Inn Express, at this address, applied for a departure to replace an existing pole sign with a new one. The City’s Advisory Planning Commission considered the departure request and recommended denial.

On August 8, 2017, the Council, after a hearing, voted to grant the departure. The matter was referred to counsel for drafting of a resolution. The resolution was considered on the Council’s agenda on September 12, at which time a motion was made to postpone action in order to reconsider the decision at a later date. That motion was approved.

At this tonight’s meeting, the Council will hold a hearing on this case may reconsider its earlier decision.

Under the US 1 Corridor Sector Plan, new free standing signs are prohibited. The prohibition does not apply to existing free standing signs, which can be refaced. A new free-standing sign cannot be erected without a departure. The Holiday Inn wants to build a sign at 9020 Baltimore (left photo below), with the similar one located near IKEA (right photo).