At tomorrow’s meeting, the City Council will vote on the Detailed Site plan (DSP) at the property located on the west side of US-1 at 9604 Baltimore Avenue across from Hollywood Road.

The proposed project will raze the existing building, currently used as an office (Atlas Realty, Inc.), and construct a 6-story storage facility. The project will be accessed from a shared 25-foot wide private right-of-way. The property is zoned Commercial Shopping Center (C-S-C) DDOZ in the Corridor Infill Character Area.

A storage facility is not a permitted use at this property, however, the applicant is requesting an amendment that requires an approval by the District Council. The sector plan only allows a building with a height of no more than 4 stories. If approved, this development will be the first in College Park with a use not supported in the 2010 Route 1 sector plan.

On June 19th, City Council recommended, by a vote of 5 to 3, approval with conditions for Preliminary Plan of Subdivision-JDA Consolidated Storage to create one parcel at 9604 Baltimore Avenue. City Staff recommends supporting DSP-18017 for JDA Baltimore Avenue Consolidated Storage with conditions.

Comments can be made at the meeting or via emails at: up until 5 pm next Tuesday.