The Council will consider a motion supporting the selection of the current Knox Road site to build a new City Hall and authorizing staff to retain consultants assisting with this project.

​Staff estimate the site & building demolition, site work, renovation, construction​ at the Knox Rd site will cost approximately 8 million dollars.

The  residents have been debating on the two down town sites, one at the current Know Rd site and another at the Calvert Rd site. A Public hearing was taken at the City Hall on these sites late last month. A majority of residents spoke in favor of the Calvert Rd Site.

Recently, a new site at the Stone Industrial came to the market. Many residents asked the Council to consider the site to be included as a third option. Unfortunately, that request was not approved. That said, residents will be allowed to speak about all these sites at the public hearing tomorrow. Please attend and speak at the hearing if  you can.