After months of community discussion, the City Council will finally vote to select the new redistricting map at tomorrow’s Council meeting. Before the vote, the Council will host a public hearing on the proposed redistricting Plan 3A and October Plan 1 maps.

Plan 3A was originally proposed by the Redistricting Commission (RDC). The RDC also proposed four other maps for consideration.

Based on residents’ input, the Council requested RDC to adjust the maps to keep the core of the districts intact as much as possible. Accordingly, the RDC produced three new maps.
October Plan 1 is one of these three new maps. The Plan 3A map will move many homes from District 1 to District 2, on both west and east of Rhode Island Avenue. It will however add some student dorms south of MD 193 to District 1. October Plan 1 map restores the current southern boundary of District 1 on the west of Rhode Island Ave, however, moves a few dozen homes around Duvall Field from District 1 to District 2.

Both Plan 3A and October 1 maps will add homes in the Cherry Hill and Autoville neighborhoods to District 1. To help clarify the streets affected by the proposed Plan 3A and October Plan 1 maps, I’ve produced the following detailed maps in my blog here .

The Council will vote to select one of these two maps later in the meeting. Please try to attend tomorrow’s public hearing at the City Hall or via Zoom ( at 7:30 pm tomorrow.

If you cannot attend the hearing, please send your comments about redistricting to the Mayor and Council by writing to before tomorrow.