In last Tuesday’s meeting, the Council voted to approve the Bike Share program in College Park. The program will be jointly funded by the City and the University of Maryland. The Council also approved a memorandum of understanding between the City and the UMD.

According to the MOU, the funding received by the Parties, plus other sources of funds received by the City, will allow the University to install four (4) bikeshare stations and will allow the City to install six (6) bikeshare stations.

Additional stations may be added to the Project by the University or the City, subject to that party providing the funds for installation and operation.

The City and the University have determined that, to maximize the benefits of their respective grants and to achieve their respective bikeshare program goals and the purchase, installation and operation of bikeshare stations and bicycles, it is
appropriate to coordinate their efforts; and the Parties have reached an agreement to coordinate their efforts, as set out in the MOU.

The term of this MOU shall be five years from the effective date. The City will install the stations using the funds provided through the Bikesharing Grant Project administered by the Department and funds received from another source by the City. The bikeshare stations.

The City and the University will jointly select a contractor to install and maintain the said bikeshare stations. The City and the University of Maryland will pay the installation cost of their respective bike share stations with the exception of the Ritchie Coliseum and Lot 3 bike share station sites. The University will seek Facilities Council approval for the installation of the City bikeshare stations to be located at Ritchie Coliseum and Lot 3.

Presuming approval is granted, the City will be responsible for any and all installation, improvement, maintenance, capital and operating costs associated with the Ritchie Coliseum and Lot 3 bike share stations. The City will also pay the one-time launch costs. Operating costs incurred through the contractor shall be divided pro-rata between the City and the University on a per dock basis.

The City and University may develop a joint project name, logo, color scheme and any other branding specifications for use with the project.

The Parties anticipate that the Project will generate revenues from subscription and user fees and advertising and sponsorship proceeds. Subscription fees are those fees paid by subscribers with addresses in the City or on the campus of the University or who have memberships affiliated with the University of Maryland.

Usage fees are the fees attributable to bicycles rented in (trips initiated from stations in) the City or on the campus of the
University. The City and the University agree to share the net proceeds, after deducting all costs of the Program, on a per dock basis. The Parties recognize that operation of the Program, including but not limited to actual usage of each bikeshare station and related operating costs, may require renegotiation of division of proceeds, and agree to undertake such negotiation on a good
faith basis.

The City and the University agree to share information and to work jointly to file periodic reports pursuant to the requirements of their respective Bikesharing Grant Project Agreements. They will attend periodic meetings, no less than quarterly, to review performance of the goals of the Program. The Parties agree to cooperate in publicizing the Program.

The University will, subject to funding, to develop a marketing plan for the Project, which shall be provided to the City for its approval prior to implementation.