Salary hike

Salary hike

[UPDATE: Oct 9, 2013] The resolution passed 5-2 ( Kabir and Mitchel opposed). Earlier, an amendment (by Kabir and Mitchel) to change the raise figure to 10% failed (Wojahn, Catlin, Stullich, Day, Afzali opposed).

Thanks everyone who took the time and came to the public hearing to speak. We also thank everyone who wrote to us about the resolution. We much appreciate your comments.

Before tomorrow’s Council meeting, it will hold an important public hearing and then vote on the issue of the salary increase for the Mayor and Council which will show on next months paycheck stub.

If approved, the proposed increase will raise the Council’s yearly salary from $5000 to $7000 ( a 40% hike). The Mayor’s salary will increase from $7500 to $10,500.

I have a lot of concerns about the pay hike and I wrote about them here in the past.

The pubic hearing will start at 7:15 at the Council Chamber. Please come and testify and let the Council know how you feel about. If you cannot come, please send me an email (at ) with your name and address and I will forward that to our City Clerk for the public record.

I also want to thanks everyone who sent me their comments, either for or against the hike. I truly appreciate those comments.