Council to Support Wawa Development near IKEA

Wawa is requesting the Detailed Site Plan (DSP) review for the construction of a 4,736 square-foot food and beverage store with a 10-pump gas station on an existing parking lot. The 1.47- acre site is located at 10050 Baltimore Avenue, just north of Holiday Inn and northeast of Ikea, approximately 140 feet west of the intersection of Ikea Centre Boulevard and Baltimore Avenue (US Route 1).
You can read more about the proposed development here on my blog.
At tomorrow’s meeting, the City Council will consider approving the Detailed Site Plan with the following conditions: 1. Prior to certification of the Detailed Site Plan, the Applicant shall revise the Site Plan to:
a. Provide a sidewalk connection from Ikea Way to the rear entrance near the Bus Stop and to the front entrance from the north side of the building.
b. Provide a 5-foot sidewalk along the property frontage of the internal driveway.
c. Indicate the number of bicycle parking spaces to be provided and revise the parking space table to clearly show required and provided parking.
d. Determine the final location of the parking for bike/scooter share.
e. Revise the E-Scooter parking detail to be consistent with the striping detail provided by the City.
2. Prior to certification of the Detailed Site Plan, the Applicant shall revise the Architectural Plans to:
a. Consider using hardi-plank or panel instead of EIFS, adding manufactured stone veneer pilasters to the façade to match the entrance feature and using a color on the façade that more closely matches the colors used for the gasoline pumps and canopy
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