At tonight’s worksession, the Council will review the preliminary plan and detailed site plan for the hotel at the south east corner of Route 1 and Paint Branch Parkway.

The developer Southern Management Corporation, Inc., has applied for the Detailed Site Plan for a vertical mixed use development on the property. The property is approximately 43.4 acres , with 3.20 acres site area (after US 1 dedication) having M-U-I zone.

The first and second floor will consist of 57,000 square feet of retail. There will be 295 hotel rooms and 806 parking spaces. The developer plans to use the property as a hotel, conference center, retail uses and structured parking The hotel is proposed to be 13 stories, with 11 stories over first floor retail along US 1.

A seven- story parking structure is proposed over first floor retail (for a total of eight-levels) oriented toward Greenhouse Road. In between, the structure is 2 stories high and includes the hotel lobby on first floor and conference center/retail space on second floor.

The site is designed to be a present a vibrant, bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly environment. Bike racks are provided around the building and parking area.

The ground level of the tower along Baltimore A venue is lined with restaurants and extends up 20 feet. The meeting rooms and an open terrace engage the street from above looking out to the avenue and the University on the second level. The guest rooms begin on the 3rd floor, 40′ above the street.

The ground level activity and engagement continues on Greenhouse Road. The retail level is designed to be perceived as commercial loft space and takes advantage of the grade disparity with Baltimore Avenue to create these high spaces. The garage-ramp brings visitors up from the street and over the commercial space. The first parking level fronting on Greenhouse Road is 20′ above the street level retail.

The store fronts will be designed as two story urban facades oriented to enhance the pedestrian experience. The flat vertical plane of the hotel tower defines the edge of the street and the visual limits of the university. The tower has 10 stories of guest rooms above the lobby and banquet levels.

The penthouse at the top of the tower is less than half the size of a typical guestroom floor. It is set back from the face of the tower so that it does not add to the perceived height of the tower. The penthouse holds mechanical equipment and an activity room whose grand roof terrace provides magnificent views of the University.