Council to Review Feedback from City’s Senior Citizens

For the third year in a row, the Youth, Family and Seniors staff has run surveys among both in Attick Towers and Spellman House residents. These surveys were run during May / June of 2013.

Survey Distribution:
The survey form is first provided to Attick Towers and Spellman House management and then delivered to the residents. Residents are instructed to return the surveys to the confidential box in the Seniors Program office in each building. Staff entered the surveys into the online survey software, www.surveymonkey.com, and then analyzed the survey conclusions in order to produce this report.

Total Surveys Returned:
Total number of units in Attick Towers is 108 and 141 in Spellman House. Staff distributed one survey per unit/household in each building. The 2013 Attick Towers response rate is 27% or 29 respondents and 17% or 25 Spellman House respondents.

Possible Survey Bias:
Response to the survey is voluntary. Response bias can occur in voluntary situations where the people who care enough to complete the survey may not necessarily be a statistically representative sample of the actual population.

Bias can also occur as residents in both subsidized housing buildings have state that they are not willing to complete surveys because they worry about repercussions if they report any negative information about the building or building staff would result in eviction. Their sense of vulnerability is consistent with aging. Survey Results/Summary of Major Changes in 2013 and 2012 Survey Results:

In next Tuesday’s worksession, the management from both Attick Towers and Spellman House will present the survey results for an independent review by the Council. Since the surveys were conducted, there is new management at both facilities. A review of the surveys with Council is an opportunity for new management to update Council on the status of addressing resident concerns that were raised before their tenure.

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