Council to Recommend Old Koons Development

At tonight’s City Council meeting, the City Council will consider recommending approval of the proposed Detailed Site Plan for a new mixed-use market-rate (non-student) apartment building with up to 1,000 square feet retail at 4700 Berwyn House Road, the current site of an office building behind the old Koons Ford property on the east side of Route 1, with a number of conditions.

Keane Enterprises revised the plan d to construct a 7-story, 275-unit apartment building. There is currently an office building at this location which the applicant would demolish.

The original DSP for this project was submitted by Keane Enterprises and consisted of redeveloping the former 3.13-acre Koons Ford Site located at the northeast corner of Baltimore Avenue (US1) and Berwyn House Road with a mixed-used development. The development included a 156-room hotel (Marriott) , 23,615 square feet of retail (CVS) , and a parking garage. It was approved by the District Council on July 8, 2013 with conditions. You can read more about that plan here.

The conditions include requirements to make the architecture of the building in the rear more visually appealing, add additional bike racks and a bus shelter facility, provide SmartTrip cards to each new resident, to help reduce the impact of traffic on this building.

It also requires that the developer enter into a Declaration of Covenants with the City. These includes:

1) requires unitary management by a single high-quality management firm;
2) prohibits storing of unlicensed motor vehicles and commercial vehicles on the property, unless in use for work on the building;
3) prohibits outdoor cooking or barbequing near the building for basic safety reasons;
4) requires each unit owner to maintain his or her unit in a safe, clean and sanitary manner and condition, in accordance with the housing codes and other regulations, and that the outside appearance by properly maintained;
5) limits the uses in the property to those that generate no more than 145 AM peak hour trips and 168 PM peak-hour vehicle trips;
6) requires certain provisions regarding the landscaping and architecture of the property;
7) requires that the developer make every effort to achieve LEED certification;
8) requires that the developer pay $21,000 to the City for transportation-related improvements such as a bus shelter;
9) requires that, after the second year of occupancy, the developer conduct a parking occupancy study to review parking space utilization and adequacy and any possible measures that might be necessary for mitigation, and provide funds to the City to implement a parking permit program in the immediate vicinity that shall not be available to residents of the building;
10) implement a recycling program in accordance with County law; and 11) prohibit co-signing of leases. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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