At last night’s meeting an ordinance was introduced to make some changes to the Chapter 4, Administrative Organization, and Chapter 62, Personnel and Employee Benefits, of the City Code.

The Changes are as follows:

(a) §4-2, A. 2: Remove reference to the Assistant City Manager and the Police Commissioner. The Assistant City Manager role is addressed elsewhere, and we do not have a Police Commissioner.

(b) §4-2, A. 3: The City Manager would like to have full authority to select the Assistant City Manager without the approval of the Mayor and Council; to eliminate the requirement of giving the Assistant City Manager a contract; and to eliminate the requirement for the Assistant City Manager to live in the City.

(c) §4-3 The Department of Human Resources will be added to the list of departments and job titles to reflect changes that were made under City Manager Finz in 2003.

(d) §62-1 describing the Service Recognition Program for employees is eliminated. This function is described fully in the approved Personnel Regulations and does not need to be duplicated in the Code.

(e) §62.-2 becomes §62.-1 and language has been added to clarify that elected and appointed officials are not entitled to employee benefits other than those required by law, such as workers compensation and the option to participate in the Maryland State Pension Plan.

f) §62-4 becomes §62-3 and the City Manager’s job description has been updated to reflect current duties. In the next section the Assistant City Manager’s job duties are eliminated and will be outlined,

(g) §62-5 becomes §62-4 and in §62-4A language has been added to clarify what changes to personnel and employee benefits must be approved by the Mayor and Council.

(h) §62-6 Conduct of Employees is eliminated because this topic is fully covered in the approved Personnel Regulations.

(i) ARTICLE III Pension Plan is renamed, renumbered and rewritten to reflect what has been done.

(j) ARTICLE IV Local Government Health Benefits Trust is, renumbered and rewritten to reflect changes that have taken place over many years and leaves the only language required for us to have participated in the Health Benefits Trust.

A public hearing will be scheduled for January 29, 2019 at &:30 pm at the Council Chamber.