As part of the construction of the new City Hall, the City Hall architect, Design Collective, is recommending that the City Seal be updated with cleaner lines.

During project discussions on this issue, it was noted that the chapel on the City Seal has a cross, but the non-denominational chapel at the University of Maryland (which resembles the chapel on the Seal) never had a cross since when it was originally built. The chapel has had a decorative flourish and a warning beacon at the top of the steeple, but not a cross.

Staff is recommending updating the City seal to reflect the actual design of the chapel.

Staff also believes that it would more accurately reflect the intent of noting the importance of religion in the City without a symbol from one religion and reflect the City’s commitment to be a welcoming community for people of all faiths and backgrounds.

At next week’s meeting, the City is expected to approve the suggested changes.