At tomorrow’s meeting, the Mayor and Council will make a proclamation in recognition of many contributions to Jack Robson for his myriad contributions to the City for over four decades.

Jack was appointed to the Supervisors of Elections for College Park in May 1994, becoming the Chief Election Supervisor in 1997.

Jack was also appointed to the College Park Airport Authority in May 2004.

Tomorrow’s proclamation reads – People who know Jack have this to say:
• Jack is efficient, effective and ethical, and is one of those people who just gets things done;
• Jack has strong opinions, but he is also a good listener and is patient and intentional in
training and mentoring those with a desire to learn from his experience.
• He is very interested in the College Park Airport and has worked hard for its welfare over
the years;
• His consistency in managing the process of a City Election is impressive and it has been my
pleasure learning from him;
• I have always appreciated and respected our discourse, whether we were in agreement or