Council to Hear Comments about Proposed Parking around Metropolitan Development

The City conducted a survey of area households in spring of 2016 to gauge interest in permit restricted parking in anticipation of the 2017 opening of The Boulevard at 9091 (formerly known as the Metropolitan development).

This development consists of 45 townhomes, 238 apartments, 4,100 square feet of retail and a parking garage, and is situated between Baltimore A venue, Cherokee Street, Catawba Street, and the University Boulevard ramp.

Of the 313 residential property addresses sent the letter and permit parking survey, 93 responses were received. Of the 313 residential property addresses sent the letter and permit parking survey, 93 responses were received, roughly 30% of the properties within the survey area. An additional 15 permit parking surveys were returned to the City as undeliverable by the U.S. Postal Service, stamped either vacant or unable to forward. Of the survey results received.

56.63% of the respondents favored permit parking, while 43.37% opposed it. Additionally, 36.49% of the respondents recommended two permits per property address, and 31.08% recommended five permits, with smaller percentages given to the other available options. Respondents also heavily favored two visitor passes (89.18%) per property address over one visitor pass (10.81%).

Requested days and hours of enforcement also varied, but seemed to trend toward 24/7 enforcement as the primary response. The developer, through an agreement with the City, is committed to a one-time contribution to the City in the amount of $19,000 to be used to subsidize resident fees associated with a neighborhood parking permit program in the area generally described as between Erie Street and University Boulevard and U.S. Route 1 and Rhode Island Avenue. Please see the proposed parking zone in the map below.

Based on feedback from the survey, the Mayor and Council will hold a Public Hearing to take public comment on a proposal to implement permit restricted parking in the area at tomorrow’s Council meeting.


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