Council to Get Debrief on 2017 City Election

The Mayor and Council typically conduct an election debrief with the Board of Election Supervisors after each election.

Following the 2017 City election, the Council will discuss a few items withCity’s Board of Election Supervisors (BOES)

Here are a few items the Council will discuss:

  1. Electioneering; prohibited practices
  2. Campaigning, door-to-door time limits
  3. Meet and Greet with food (“things of value”)
  4. Formal monetary limit for advertising/gifts (“things of value”)
  5. Contributions and expenditures; prohibited practices:
  6. Political Committee – Campaign Fund
  7. Candidate Residence vs. Candidate as a Registered Voter
  8. Late Fee for Campaign Finance Reports
  9. Early Voting
  10. Voting Centers
  11. On-Campus Polling Location
  12. Candidate Signs:
  13. Paying for Voter Registration
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