The Mayor and Council typically conduct an election debrief with the Board of Election Supervisors after each election.

Following the 2017 City election, the Council will discuss a few items withCity’s Board of Election Supervisors (BOES)

Here are a few items the Council will discuss:

  1. Electioneering; prohibited practices
  2. Campaigning, door-to-door time limits
  3. Meet and Greet with food (“things of value”)
  4. Formal monetary limit for advertising/gifts (“things of value”)
  5. Contributions and expenditures; prohibited practices:
  6. Political Committee – Campaign Fund
  7. Candidate Residence vs. Candidate as a Registered Voter
  8. Late Fee for Campaign Finance Reports
  9. Early Voting
  10. Voting Centers
  11. On-Campus Polling Location
  12. Candidate Signs:
  13. Paying for Voter Registration