Recently, the County Executive for Prince George’s County issued Executive Orders, that are currently more restrictive than the Governor’s.

Under the Governor’s Orders and the County Executive’s Orders, it is the County Health Officer that issues directives with respect to the COVID-19 restrictions and enforces the Restrictions. The current Order from the Governor requires use of face masks indoors when the public is present and outdoors when 6 feet distancing cannot be maintained. The Order from the County prohibits large gatherings, which are currently defined as more than one person/family unit per 200 square feet, or a maximum of 100 persons—whichever is lower. According to recent data, 67% virus transmission in the County comes from family gatherings and house parties ( ). Bars and restaurants are limited to 50 person maximum outside and 50% of capacity inside, and patrons must use masks.

The City has not adopted health rules and regulations, and so relies on the County Health Officer as well.

The County intends to meet with stakeholders in the City to discuss how enforcement will work. Staff believes the Prince George’s County Police are authorized to warn large private gatherings that are not complying with the restrictions and to disperse the gathering.

At tonight’s meeting, the Council will discuss and determine the enforcement protocols that will be in place if a large gathering occurs. Cooperation between the various agencies is necessary and meetings are underway that will include Public Services. However, staff thinks that the County is charged with front-line enforcement of the COVID-19 restrictions and staff will be proceeding on that understanding.