At a February worksession, I asked the Council to expand City’s tax incentive programs in order to redevelop College Park’s motels. Many of these motels are in north College Park, where many residents think are sources of problems. Reports of frequent prostitution activities have resulted in a few sting operations by our police. A woman was also killed last year at one of these motels, believed to be another prostitution related incident.

The new addition to City’s incentive program will include a clause of the demolition of a hotel/motel with direct, exterior room access to the eligibility criterion. Another clause will be included not to incentivize these motels for further development.

Other changes to the incentive program will include:
• Section 175-9- Eligibility Requirements (A)
(a) The proposed change would exclude student housing from the list of eligible improvements in order to further incentivize other development types. There was discussion about allowing student housing if it were affordable and /or for graduate students.
• Section 175-10- Eligibility Criteria (E). The proposed change would require projects to exceed the LEED certification required by Prince George’s County. For example, the US 1 Corridor Sector Plan requires all development within the walkable nodes to obtain a minimum LEED-Silver certification in its appropriate rating system. The change would require the project to obtain LEED-Gold or higher certification in order to meet the criterion.
• Section 175-11 -Credit: amount and term. The proposed change gives the council the flexibility to reduce or eliminate the credit amount and/or duration as well as to alter the sequence of the tax credit based on city budget constraints. o There were no issues raised with this change.
• Section 175-13- Waiver (A(2)): The proposed change would eliminate this waiver provision to make any completed project ineligible for a tax credit. o There were no issues raised with this change