Council to Expand Neighborhood Stabilization Committee

In this Tuesday’s Worksession, the City Council will discuss a proposal to expand the Neighborhood Stabilization Committee.

The the Mayor and Council formed the Neighborhood Stabilization and Quality of Life Work Group by Resolution 12-R-18 in 2012 to engage with various stakeholders, including the University of Maryland, City residents, University of Maryland students, public safety officials, and rental property owners, to identify possible strategies to stabilize neighborhoods and improve quality of life for College Park residents.

The initial members included 2 Council members from the College Park City Council, however later on, a few more council members expressed interests in helping the work group. The proposed resolution will expand the group to include the entire Council.

The Work Group held numerous committee meetings from November 2012 through June 2013 to identify and define potential strategies for 1) reducing issues that negatively impact quality of life for College Park residents, 2) increasing rates of homeownership, 3) building positive relations between different groups in the community, and 4) expanding options for affordable housing; and

In addition to the Council members, the committee will include the following members:
• One representative of the University of Maryland Department of Public Safety, selected by the University
• One representative of the University of Maryland administration, selected by the University
• Four City residents selected by Council, with the goal of having one resident from each council district
• Four University of Maryland students (the student liaison to the City Council, one Student Government Association representative, one representative of the Interfraternity Council/Pan-Hellenic Association, and one representative of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.)
• One representative of the Graduate Student Government
• One representative of the Prince George’s County Police Department (at least District Commander Level)
• Director of the City’s Public Services Department

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