Farmer’s Market

In last week’s work session, the Council discussed the detailed responsibilities of a farmer’s market committee in College Park. The Council will consider adopting a resolution to form the committee in tomorrow’s regular meeting.

According to the resolution, the committee will be composed of up to seven members with a quorum of three members. The committee members will be appointed by the Mayor and Council for three year terms. The City’s Planning Department will serve as the staff liaison to the Committee.

The committee will submit an annual report to the Mayor and Council that summarizes the operation of the market, to include issues related to customer satisfaction, vendor satisfaction, rules and procedures, fee structure, and other relevant matters.

It will meet at least once each year with the Mayor and Council to discuss the progress of the farmers’ market and possible changes or other actions that could support and strengthen the farmers’ market.

It will collaborate, where appropriate, with other city committees and local organizations such as the Committee for a Better Environment, College Park Arts Exchange, civic associations, and student organizations. It will also develop recommendations for the Mayor and Council for how to structure and manage the downtown College Park farmers’ market in a way that maximizes the vibrancy and success of the market and emphasizes locally-grown vegetables, fruits, and other farm products.

The committee will recruit a diverse array of local farmers and producers of complementary products and services that are appropriate for inclusion in a farmers’ market. Finally, it will design and implement a marketing campaign to attract and retain a strong customer base to support the market. That’s where professionals from sites like come in.