University of Maryland

At tonight’s Council worksession, the City Council will discuss the Student Code of Conduct with a group of University of Maryland officials. They include Andrea Goodwin and Linda Clement from UMD’s Office of Student Conduct and UMD Police Chief Dave Mitchel.

Both the City’s Neighborhood Stabilization and Quality of Life Workgroup and the Public Safety Committee of the College Park City-University Partnership have been discussing the possibility of extending the University’s Student Code of Conduct to student behavior off-campus.

This would mean that students that violate certain rules, such as underage drinking or intentionally causing harm to other students, as well as any other violation of the law that disrupts the safety of the community, could result in University-imposed sanctions, such as expulsion from classes, as well as criminal sanction.

The Student Government Association has endorsed this approach, and many believe that this will help hold students accountable for their behavior in the City of College Park as well as on campus.

You can read the Student Code of Conduct here.

Tonight, we will hear an update on the University Senate’s discussions on expanding the Student Code of Conduct off-campus.